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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Interview with Andrew Gabbard of Buffalo Killers

I got a chance to interview Andrew Gabbard of the band Buffalo Killers. Really nice guy and great band. I hope ya'll enjoy it:

KF: I noticed that there are "organic t-shirts made with water based ink" available for sale on your myspace page. How important is taking care of the environment to ya'll?

AG: It's very important to us, actually. There is really only so much you can do now-a-days to do your part and we try and do what we can, as a band, to do our part. Gotta take care of our Mama Earth!

KF: I also noticed that these t-shirts have a pretty bad ass looking pipe on them. Is that another thing that is important to ya'll?

AG: Haha. Well, I wouldn't say that it's "important" to us... but we can definitely dig in many ways. Including the fact that it is a great drawing by our good friend Amy Jo.

KF: Dan Auerbach produced your CD "Let It Ride." How was that experiance?

AG: Oh man, it was great. Very home-y and natural. Dan really understands us and where we're coming from so it was a very laid-back and easy. We would just stay up late playing and talking about music with Dan and Bob (Cesare) until we couldn't anymore, then wake up early the next day and start over again. It was a truly amazing experience and we're very pleased with how the record turned out.

KF: What is it like touring with The Black Crowes?

AG: Basically like living out a pipe dream. Playing with the Crowes IS playing with the best. True players. Great people. So inspiring to play with such a tight, fresh live band. Hard to not feel spoiled after touring with them for a month or two. Even after playing with them last night, it's hard to leave.

KF: What type of music do the Buffalo Killers listen to? Where do ya'll draw your inspiration from?

AG: We listen to everything, man. Lots of old stuff. We grew up listening to Neil Young, Allman Brothers, Beatles. Lots of rock n roll and country music. There is so much great new music too... Black Crowes, Dungen, Wilco, Vetiver, Black Keys, bands from here at home like Moon High and The Esther Caulfield Orchestra. So much music, new and old, out there we've never heard! Always on the prowl for that new thing.

KF: Where can we go on the internet to learn more about ya'll?

AG: BUFFALO KILLERS.com also Alive Records website (alivenergy.com) we're on myspace/facebook all that jazz! Look us up!


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