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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Captain Beyond - "Captain Beyond"

In the early 70's a whole bunch of super groups started popping up every which way you looked (except loose). Some of the most well-known super groups were formed then. I mean, you had Journey, Bad Company and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. There is one super group from the era, however, that often goes overlooked by the rock 'n' roll historians. Captain Beyond was formed in 1971 by Rod Evans (from Deep Purple), Larry "Rhino" Rhinehardt (from Iron Butterfly), Lee Dorman (also from Iron Butterfly), and Bobby Caldwell (from Larry Winter). Caldwell would later leave the group to achieve even greater success with Rick Derringer.

Captain Beyond released their self-titled first album in 1972. Packed with powerful chords and just a dusting of cow-bell, the album is 35 minutes of pure, unadulterated blues-rock. You can tell Caldwell had a hand in writing all the songs. It feels almost like Rick Derringer music, but with just enough left over LSD flash-backs from Iron Butterfly's hay-day to make it classy and beautiful.

The album is peculiar in that it is labeled as having 13 tracks, but in reality it is more like 5. There is no break between tracks 1-3, 6-8, and 9-13. Numbers 4 and 5 are really the only songs that can be distinguished as individual tracks.

Overall it is a great album. A perfect blend of ethereal psychedelia and balls-out 70's rock 'n' roll.

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