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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Move - "Anthology 1966-1972"

Okay, so this is my first post. I hope you enjoy the review.

The Move's "Anthology 1966-1972" is one of my all time favorite box sets. It's a four CD box set released by Salvo, with a running time of about 3hrs 20min. It includes "classic hit singles, b-sides, choice album cuts, a wealth of previously unreleased material including never-before-heard songs, demos, alternate takes and live recordings" from one of the more talented (although now overlooked) British bands from the 60s.

The first disc contains 23 tracks from 1966-68 that provide a great overview of the band's earliest works. It is very interesting to hear how frontman Roy Wood (of Electric Light Orchestra fame) wrote music back then. A perfect combination of 60's pop, garage rock and early psychedelia. Some stand-out songs are "Respectable" and "Fire Brigade."

The second disc is a surprisingly well-recorded concert at the Marquee in 1968. Really a great performance. I really wish I was there; I'm sure it was really a great show to see. The thundering drums and and rocking guitar solos make for a very fast and rocking performance.

The third disc covers years 1968 and 1969. There's a much lighter vibe here as the psychdelic style of the decade was in full swing, although there is still a very heavy presence on some of the tracks.

CD four covers 1969 to the band's end in 1972. Jeff Lynne (also of ELO fame) joins at this point, and his influence can really be heard. The Move breaks into the 70's in full force, with some very rocking tracks such as "Feel Too Good" and "Chinatown."

I highly recommend this anthology for anybody interested in 1960's garage rock, psychedelic rock, and even those interested in hearing the beginnings of Electric Light Orchestra.

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