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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Bees - "Octopus"

I'm going to stick to last post's theme of newer (2000 - present) bands and discuss one of the greatest artists of this era. They're a band called The Bees. Now, these aren't the same Bees that brought us the 1966 classic "Voices Green and Purple." Nor are they the same Bees from Nashville that brought us the album "Starry Gazey Pie." No, these boys are from the Isle of Wight in the English Channel.

Although I love all three of their studio albums, today I'm going to be focusing on "Octopus" from 2007. One thing I love about The Bees is that they always record in an interesting setting. Their first album, "Sunshine Hit Me," was recorded in a shed in band member Paul Butler's parent's garden, and their second album, "Free The Bees," was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios. "Octopus" was recorded in the band's basement studio called The Steam Rooms.

"Octopus" has a running time of about 36 minutes and a total of ten tracks, some highlights being "Love in The Harbour" and "(This Is For The) Better Days." I have to say, my favorite song is the somewhat silly "End of The Street." The Bees sometimes walk the fine line between genius and quirky. "End of The Street" is a perfect example. It is peppered with sound effects you would expect to hear coming from the soundboard sitting next to The Late-Late Show's Chris Ferguson. But, somehow, it works. My only complaint is that, at just under two minutes long, the song is way too short.

This is my favorite CD from the past ten years. Period. In today's world nobody plays music like The Bees. 5/5 stars and two thumbs way, way, WAY up!

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